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Design & Approvals

In some cases, the customer has a clear idea of how they want to develop their house, in others they have identified a need, but not a solution. In either case, we can assist.

Most developments start with a site visit and meeting, where your needs can be discussed.

The next step is to obtain planning permission. Most small extensions, loft and other conversions will fall within Permitted Development  criteria. This means a full application is not required, but a Lawful Development Certificate is recommended.


Sometimes, a full householder application will be necessary. Listed Building or Conservation Area approval may also be required.

In either case, we will prepare the drawings and documentation required by the local authority, and then liaise with them.

The property will then be measured and existing and draft proposed drawings prepared.

These can then be reviewed, discussed and amended until a final scheme is agreed.

All developments will require Building Regulations approval -

this is the technical side that includes the structure, fire detection and escape, thermal insulation and the like.

We will develop the drawings and submit, along with supporting documentation, to the building control authority.

At this stage, you will also be able to obtain quotes from builders and plan commencement of the works.

We would love to hear about your plans or ideas - so, please get in touch.

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